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West Papua Women's Alliance, Esther Group Declares Prayer and Fasting Days 21 June - 30 July 2022

I am witnessing a video/ broadcast right now, of a seminar being held inside West Papua, in preparations to prepare all Papuans inside West Papua territory, to hold a National Fasting Day for West Papua nation.

All Papuan native pastors and priests were present, giving talks and comments.

The dates are set: 

June 21st -  August 30th, 2022 as West Papua Fasting Days

Three prayer points were put forward in this fasting:
  1. 1. Pray for our ancestors, asking forgiveness from God for what our ancestors and parents have done;
  2. 2. Pray for the nature: all communities of beings, and first of all our Mother Earth, the Island of New Guinea, from Sorong to Samarai, for the whole New Guinea Island, so that God forgives us from all our actions that made all other beings, including human beings have suffered.
  3. 3. Pray for our own Melanesian peoples, inside our respective countries, and inside our respective provinces and regions; inside our own tribes, islands, villages clans and families.

Asking for forgiveness is the first and most important action to take in order to open the doors and opportunities for all Melanesians to step forward in God's guidance and leadeship.

The Committee invites all Melanesian to join us in this prayer and fasting.

Praise and Honour only to the Lord Jesus Christ! Saviour, Shepperd, Protector and finally King of kings, Prince of Peace to reign for ever.

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