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Giant Crocodiles of Papua New Guinea

To anyone who says that the island of New Guinea may be the region of the world where the largest crocodiles in the world are found, I bring here the records of my investigation of 4 giants between 20 to almost 21 feet in length

Obo Specimen 1979
- It was a giant male saltwater crocodile, who got trapped and drowned in the traditional fishing net “Barramundi”, on October 11, 1979 in the village of Obo on the banks of the Fly River in Papua New Guinea. To remove the crocodile from the river it took about 50 men, when they opened the belly they found a whole Rusa deer inside it, then the natives dismembered the crocodile, its skin was removed and salted, after 14 hours the herpetologist arrived in a boat Rom Whitaker and biologist Jerome Montague and United Nations volunteers, who were greeted by the euphoric natives for having caught a giant crocodile, they measured fresh skull which was 72 cm long wide was 45.1 cm SPL 304 cm dry skull 70.0 cm wide 45.0 vm and weighed 35 kilos and the skin which was 6.30 meters long in total weighed 1211 kg but they concluded that the crocodile must have a size of about 6.30 meters long because it was missing a bit of the tip of the tail and its skin was dry it must have shrunk a little because it was exposed to temperatures between 32 and 38 degrees for 14 hours, which would give another 10 cm.

Awea specimen 1956
- It was a skull 70.0 cm long and 42.0 cm wide given in 1956 to the famous crocodile hunter George J. Craig belonging to an approximately 6.10 meter long specimen killed with axes by angry people from the village of Awea on Lake Murray in Papua New Guinea after a child was killed and eaten in front of the village.

Mabuduan specimen 1968
- It was a skull with 69.1 cm DCL and 44.0 cm MHW that was killed in 1968 in Mabuduan village 400 miles up the Fly River from a specimen killed in 1968 of approximately 6 meters in length.

Adam Britton Specimen 2014
- It is a skull measured on February 6, 2014 by Adam Britton with a DCL of 69.1 cm that belonged to a specimen estimated to be about 6 meters long dead in Papua New Guinea.

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