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Today 17th of December 2021 at 10am I was at the Jackson's Domestic Terminal and was assaulted by a group of Security Personal manning the Jackson's Airport. Asila Security Limited Service, Aviation Security Officers of the National Airports Corporation - Papua New Guinea , A Policemen and A male staff in Air Niugini Collar shirt with vest on were the assaultants..

I was at the Airport to see off my nieces who were going to Hagen on PX182 scheduled for 9.55am. However, they did not check in for the flight and the time went up to 10am as there was a long line of people who were in line to check-in.

The Air Niugini staff talked to the people and advised them that if they missed out on PX 182, they still have 184 and 186 for people to get on. I was paying attention to what was being said in the noisy environment when Two Aviation Security Officers walked towards me calling for the phone of someone at the back of me to be handed over to them so they can go through the phone and see what was in the phone. The two alleged that the person took a photo of them along with the large crowd.

They forcefully tried to remove the phone from this person when I reminded them of individuals right. I told the two security officers that you have no right to search his personal property unless you have a warrant of search to search his phone. They insisted on taking the phone and I advised them that if they want to take the phone, they should call out Police Officers to help them as they (Security Officers) have no right to take away someone's personal property and go through it.

They walked off and called out two Police Officers and whole bunch of Security Personal comprising of the Asila Security Service, The Aviation Security Officers, 2x Police Officers and a male Air Niugini officer with vest on and came towards me.

The police officer walked straight to me, pushed his hands right into my trousers pocket and tried to pull out my phone.

They all accused me of taking photos/videos of them thus they want to get my phone. 

I made it clear that I did not take out my phone nor did I do a video record or take photos and it's my personal phone too. You can go see the CCTV to see if I had taken photos of you or did a video recording.

The Police man kept holding my trouses pocket lifting it up and dragging me while the rest of the Security Personal pushed me.

In the process, one of the COWARD SECURITY officer swung a punch from behind me hitting my right side eye. I quickly moved my hands to cover my face when punches flooded in from all directions and they took me out of the exit to the VIP Drop off.

From there the police officers got my phone and started going through it only to find NOTING!


Ashamed of their actions, the Police officer told me that " Bro em inap wanbel Bai mi Salim ol family blo you go lo next flight so wanbel na go"

I replied that sending my family up does not compensate what you and officers did. The family, we have paid for the tickets so they will still go. It does not need you to send them up!

Now that there is no evidence of video taping or photos, why did you all Punch me?

I insisted that I would like to lay a formal complaint so direct me where I can lay my formal complaint.They all tried to shy away and didn't want me to lay a complain so they just told me busy time so just wanbel and go home.

I walked over and saw another guard outside who showed me where I would go and lay complain and I have successfully laid complaint at the AviSec office as well as Airport Police.

I'm not sure if I have a case but I will definitely pursue this case untill justice is served!

We have bunch of Security Personals with no CUSTOMER SERVICE MANNING THE AIRPORT! PATHETIC!

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