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Late Vincent Tumpi Waeda - Selamat Jalan

He was a cop in Madang, and Wewak. And, people recalled a great instrumentality of State doing the bidding for the Queen of England.

He did it with distinction from his station. No big deal.

Vanimo appreciated Vincent Tumpi much later in his life, but the determination to leave a trail that could inspire others to give nothing but the best shot became his trademark.

Ela Motors set up in Vanimo in the early 1990s. He sold the cars as the first salesman in an unknown market that some 30 years later has grown beyond expectations, the humble beginnings eclipsed by all measurement of progress. Someone believed in the first step to be the right move.

Vanimo High School, ' Woh Deh Dadah Opah' motto signalled pedagogy that was daring, a new horizon, as it opened for the first intake. It is making headway in educational delivery to progress a better future for our people of Vanimo, West Sepik, and the country. Vincent Tumpi held the Chair of Board of Governing Council for many years.

One of PNG's fearless politicians, and steadfast leaders, who built his reputation in defending the Constitution and democracy so that ordinary citizens can see the big picture, if they wish, was Opposition Leader Belden Namah.

 He passed through Vanimo High School as a pioneer student.

The late John Talu Tekwie and his team of 1992 NGE game changers beamed with confidence yet described as beginners, ' university radicals', and unsuitable for leadership of a province were dressed down.

Vincent Tumpi challenged the Team John Talu Tekwie to take the bull by the horn, and turn it around. 

West Sepik was onto the vocabulary to lead a population hosting a passive voice, and chances of defining a pathway led by a new generation of young leaders was understood as a waste of time.

Wrong. Today, following Tekwie the two - term Governor of West Sepik's passing and the mixed results of the 4 successors who ran with the baton, the clear alarm shows John Tekwie was our Peter O'Neill and James Marape of his epoch, time.

Late Vincent Tumpi left this reminder at his death. 

Vanimo was off to a start, get set, as Ela Motors showed up, Vanimo High School offered education as the beacon of hope for a better future for those who want it, and the rise of John Talu Tekwie was noted, a number to be gambled on.

Tumpi was there to create the waves, and especially in forging politics defined as the art of the possible in the country's last - frontier region, and cause it to whip West Sepik back to life with the first indigenous leader to get elected in the wake of independence.

The great Vanimo legend left behind his footsteps as well in private sector free enterprise, architecture, for business as a way out of town. Tumpi Security Services provided unemployed citizens a hope to see the big picture one day. 

In early 2000s, former too cop, Superintendent Vincent Tutu from Pes, Aitape, inspired him. The earlier move came and has yielded, when tracing the trend in which both of them founded Wasman Security Services. It folded up. But, the learning curve pushed Tumpi on.

I am reminded, humbled, that late Vincent Tumpi Waeda did it his way. A small step. Yet, giant imagination. Yes, he did it his way. For, his family, Vanimo, and West Sepik. As a nationalist, there was no doubt. 

He was a believer of his country. The ideal policeman, Sergeant Major Vincent Tumpi Waeda. In the twilight of his life, I met him as he received instructions to process security details of the Opposition planning to form the new government in Vanimo in November last year, 2020.

We agreed Vanimo could ride on the waves, next wave, the ' Wutung Call To Action' Manifesto. It collapsed. Vanimo licked its wounds of humiliation.

But, the ideal tells a long story about one of Vanimo's best frontmen. And, his life, that shone and lit the morning skies of dawn approaching as night turned to day.

The poetic pride, and prose, comes from desired qualities of the soul and of the heart. 

We are informed by late Vincent Tumpi Waeda. He kept peace with his soul, above all.

Desiderata' by Max Ehrmann is a simple, yet powerful prose poem that lays out the tenants for living a happy life and keeping peace in one's soul.

The paraphrase of "Desiderata" is an apt tribute to late Vincent Tumpi Waeda.

Paragraph 1

Advice to remain calm amongst the bustle of everyday life and to practice silence. Be on good terms with people without giving up personal values and assertiveness. Do not be argumentative but remain calm in interactions with others, to whom you should be respectful and attentive, even if you consider a person to be dull or ignorant. Everyone has a right to be heard.

Paragraph 2

Avoid people who are loud and aggressive, as they may upset your equilibrium. It is unproductive to compare yourself to other people as there will always be those higher and lower in the pecking order/moral stakes. Any such comparisons are therefore likely to lead to vanity or bitterness. Simply enjoy your own achievements in life and any plans that you may have for furthering your own personal development.

Paragraph 3

Whatever your occupation, treasure it and do your best, as it is better to be employed, however humble the work might be, than to be unemployed. Be grateful that you have employment. Be cautious when conducting financial transactions because many people will attempt to dupe you. But despite the fact that there are many fraudsters and con-men don't become blind to the fact that there are also many good people, who have high moral standards. There are heroes in every walk of life.

Paragraph 4

Don't pretend to be the type of person that you are not, or to have feelings that you do not have. Most of all do not pretend to love a person when there is no love in your heart. But do not underestimate the power of love, which survives in the most terrible of circumstances. Defer to the wisdom of the older generation. Develop a strong character that will help you to survive misfortune, but don't imagine bad things that may never happen - you may be thinking of such things because you are tired or lonely.

Paragraph 5

Don't be overly self-critical.You are part of an all-encompassing universe and no less important than any other component within it. You may not realise this, but there is a pre-determined and right path that the universe is following.

Paragraph 6

Accept of the reality of God, or a greater power than human, whatever you imagine 'Him' to be. Maintain a clear conscience. Despite all of the dreadful things that happen, the world is still beautiful. Remain cheerful and, most of all, put your best efforts into being happy.

Good bye, Eveng Bege. Rest In Peace.

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